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I looked up to trace the voices I heard. And then I saw them. The Big Dogs. The most popular, dangerous boys in school. And I just had to run into them today. My best friend and I ran further into the dark forest. I never really liked the idea of moving here. My dad got a job here in Waterdale. He said it will be perfect for our now divided family. The town really has a lot of problems. Looks cheerful at the outside. But really murderous once in. Joey fell behind me.
“Joey! Up. Now” I said, “They are getting closer and closer”
Joey looked behind him, then at the knife stabbed into his ribs and looked up at me. I could see the defeat in his eyes when he said “Go ahead without me Blake. You are a smart guy. Take care of yourself.”
I reached down to help him up but he didn’t give me a hand. They were coming closer now and I could see Charles the captain of the team.
“Go. Run Blake, run” For the last time I looked at Joey in the eye. And for a moment I saw pain flash through them and then they were replaced by something more aggressive.
“Bye Joey.” And then I ran not able to look at him again. I ran past the big trees, the itchy, pointy branches on the floor.
Then I spotted the field leading to the city. Suddenly, there was an arrow to my leg. I fell to the floor and the last thing I saw was 3 guys pinning me up.
There is blood on my face and I can see the mayor’s house. Where am I? I look around and all I see is a clear field and some houses, all I see is Waterdale. Then the memories from last night come back like a roller coaster. And I shut my bloodshot eyes.

4 thoughts on “SBC3 Begin a story

  1. It is a really descriptive story which immerse the reader into the imaginary town of Waterdale. This story sounds like the beginning of an amazing mystery/ horror novel. The beginning even includes dialogue which is an aspect I really enjoyed. This was great, keep up the good work.
    Sincerely, Christian

  2. Wow your story is really interesting Ruqayya.
    All of this turned out to be a bad dream as usual since I moved to Waterdale. It was becoming more more frequent, a certain guy name Joey would always appear and I felt as if I had ac connection with him. All of this was just absurd this should be the effect of the divorce of my parents. I believe it had a connection with it because it all started when we moved here or was it the city itself? I got of bed and went it the bathroom to put some cold water on my face to erase this crazy nightmares.

    I tried my best to continue the story.

  3. I shut my bloodshot eyes, seeing the horrific memories from last night scrolling through my mind, my heart thumping and my palms sweating. Just the thought of it all makes me feel like throwing up. And then I see Waterdale differently than I have ever seen it before… it looks mysterious, creepy, and above all, a place I wanted to leave.
    I staggered to my feet, the wound in my leg seeping fresh blood over dried blood. Stumbling every few feet, mumbling to myself, I make it about three feet before collapsing with an anguished cry. Lying there in the middle of the field, I wonder if I will ever see my family again, and suddenly tears pour down my face and all I want to do is cry.

    Hi Rukayya, this post was amazingly descriptive and I tried to continue the story.
    Thanks, Fiona

  4. As tears flowed down my face like a waterfall, I thought about what has just happened to me, and how it could change my life. I lost Joey, and now I was on a field in the middle of no where blood gushing out of my leg. Why did we have to move to Waterdale? This was the worst possible place in the world, at least that’s what I thought. How was I going to get home, how was I ever going to see my loved ones again? I closed my eyes once again to the image of Waterdale.

    Hi Rukayya,
    Your story was very discripted and it kept me on the edge of my seat. I tried to continue your story.
    Check out my blog to finish my story!


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